what dou you think about johnny and amber ― Anonymous

I’m happy for them if they are happy, but personally I am screaming on the inside. 

How do you think winona took it when johnny dated kate moss? ― Anonymous

I bet sad. I really think she didn’t want to break up with Johnny but had to because of her father and for her safety. Apparently her father didn’t approve of them being together and a lot of times while Johnny and her were out and about the paparazzi would try to trip Winona for a good picture. I think she just had to break up with him, so I bet she was sad. 

do you think johnny will talk about amber during the promotions of trandscende or they will ask him about her if they ask him will he respond ― Anonymous

Johnny may request to not answer questions involving his personal life, but you never know. Since Amber and him have come out as a couple he may be open to questions. Hopefully we’ll be able to learn more about their relationship and love! 

First off, a big thank you for starting this blog for all the Winona-Johnny devotees out there! You don't know how much this means for the rest of us hoping and pining for the return of Hollywood's golden couple. With that being said, do you honestly think they will ever reunite, given all the lost loves and engagements they have encountered since then? They might be different people now. The romantic in me says yes but I'm also up for the disappointments in life. ― Anonymous

Aw thank you! I really do think they will reunite somehow. Their love was way too strong to abandon forever. 

What so you think of Amber Heard?????? ― Anonymous

I think Amber is a stunning and very talented actress, don’t get me wrong. I feel like she has an even brighter future for her. 

But when it comes to being with Johnny I just don’t really see much there. Maybe time will heal my thoughts and I’ll see that she should be with Johnny but at the moment I’m confused and debating if I want her with Johnny or not. I think it was hard on me to see someone I love so much go through a breakup and know there was pain involved. 

I hope I accept Amber better in the near future. 

I heard a rumor that it was winonas father that broke them up is it true? ― Anonymous

Yes I have heard that. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the rumor is is that Winona’s father thought Winona was too young for Johnny. At the time Winona was becoming very famous so extra stress was added onto her shoulders, so maybe her father just wanted to try to help her. The true reason has not been told sadly. 

Do you think Johnny keeps himself updated on news from Winona and vice versa? I used to think the Johnny-Winona chapter was finished when Vanessa appeared into his life and formed a family with him but now I am not so sure. Do you think they will ever find closure? ― Anonymous

I’m sure Johnny does keep up with Winona especially if he has someone like Tim Burton who knows both him and Winona very well. Last year Tim and Winona worked together for Frankenweenie shortly after Tim had finished working with Johnny for Dark Shadows. 

Like I said in 2001 Winona was caught shoplifting and Johnny sent flowers to her, and at that time Johnny was deep into his relationship with Vanessa. At the time I’m pretty sure Vanessa was even pregnant with Johnny’s second child, Jack. 

Perhaps Amber is just a phase, you never know. There are relationships that are meant to be and not meant to be. I’m not saying that Amber isn’t the one for Johnny I’m just saying it may not be their time- just like how it wasn’t Johnny and Winona’s time in the late 80s and early 90s. 

I truly think someday, I don’t know when, but I believe someday Winona and Johnny with reunite as a couple. 

Do you think Johnny still loves Winona? Has he ever mentioned Winona's name in one of his interviews since the breakup? I can't help but to think that maybe, maybe, in the cosmos somewhere, their story left unfinished will have an ending somehow. ― Anonymous

I believe he still loves Winona. 

After Johnny broke up with Kate in ‘97 or ‘98 Winona and him went out for dinner. He said maybe someday they’ll get back together. And when Winona got in trouble for shoplifting Johnny sent pink roses to her to help her get through that hard time. 

I still think he loves her a lot. 

The rumors surrounding the relationship between Johnny and Amber from my personal survelance,is nothing more than media made gossip. Amber has worn 3 different rings on that finger since the engagement rumor started. And,watching the body language between them since their "relationship" I can honestly conclude that they are nothing more than just good friends. They both have movies coming out,so naturally they are going to be out and about with each other.laylavirgo

Perhaps that is true!

We can’t conclude anything until one of them says something, but that may be very true! 

Do you think Johnny will actually marry Amber? Or will they break up before that happens? Sorry just curious. ― Anonymous

Anytime Johnny proposes to a girl I think he is very serious though we know mostly all of his proposals never made it to the altar. But because his kids like Amber and they seem to get a long with each other Johnny may marry Amber. Johnny is about to turn 51 so maybe he is just ready to settle down at once.

They may break up or they may not. The ring we saw on Amber may just be a little gift from him. It may not be an engagement ring at all. 

Since Johnny and Amber are both very private people we may never know exactly. 

Do you belive Johnny loved kate moss? ― Anonymous

Tim Burton was in the middle of Johnny and Winona’s breakup … and he stated himself that he believes Johnny never really cared for Kate.

To me, I think Johnny was lost in his and Kate’s relationship. Winona was Johnny’s heart and soul just like Tim Burton stated as well. Even in the photographs with Kate Johnny looks lost like he’s not all there. 

Kate influenced smoking heavily too, maybe even drugs. Johnny trashed hotel rooms and got arrested all during his relationship with Kate. Kate couldn’t keep him under control. 

It breaks my heart when people think Johnny and Kate’s relationship was "perfect" because it wasn’t at all. Kate influenced Johnny badly and heavily on that matter … and there truly was no love

Was johnny her first love ― Anonymous

He was. He really was. 

Johnny Depp & Winona Ryder

You are amazing, i love your blog and i love the way you deal with those weird anons ^^ XX ― Anonymous

Aww thank you dearie!

i actually cant believe johnny is 50 and he's still smoking hot! Yes i prefer the 1987-1991 johnny but hes still great now! i cant believe its the same guy, he was such a bad boy and now he has two children :( he dosen't look the same though, he loos completely different and his voice is deeper and aghhgh i want him young again so much! ― Anonymous

Everyone ages, but I have to say, young Johnny was really adorable.
But everyone ages and that’s apart of life. The good thing for Johnny is that teenagers still fall for him even though he as kids and is middle-aged!