can you mention me your favorite movie of johnny and winona and your least favorite movie of each them and why? ― Anonymous

My favorite one of Johnny’s would have to be “Edward Scissorhands” because I felt like he had put a lot of his own personal childhood struggles into the character. I also can relate a lot to Edward because I’m also shy and who isn’t scared of being judged?

My least favorite one of Johnny’s would have to be “Private Resort” because it’s so full of 80s cheese IT’S FUCKING HILARIOUS.

My favorite one of Winona’s would have to be “Little Women” even though I haven’t seen most of her films, “Heathers” was pretty epic. But I feel like Winona WAS Joe in this movie, you know? She fit the character perfectly and added so much life to the author’s intention.

My least favorite one of Winona’s … well … I don’t feel like I’ve seen all of Winona’s films to pick a least favorite. She is a really good actress! “Mermaids” was good but was a little on the weird side for me … I don’t know. But I mean, hey, look at John … being a pedophilic chocolate man … I’ll have to see more of Winona’s to answer this!

can you post the full picture of your icon? ― Anonymous

It was a rare picture to begin with and I’ve been trying to find it! If I come across it I will be sure to post it! Sorry xox

i been stories about winona, kate, and vanessa about johnny,s "temper"and that he was a complicated person to deal with so how could winona who is allegably a "fragible"person coul deal with that? also its been revealed that winona have personal struggles with anxiety and depression around that time do you think johnny is the blame for that? ― Anonymous

Johnny, I think, is naturally a wild person. When he was younger Johnny hung around what you would call “trouble-makers” and risked his life many times like doing crazy bike tricks and screwing around with fire.

I believe Johnny’s women can see this side of him, definitely with Kate. Around the time Johnny and Kate were dating Johnny was slipping into a dark patch of his life … you can just see it in some of the photographs of him during the mid 90s. I don’t know if it was because of the breakup with Winona or what. But during the mid 90s Johnny was arrested for trashing hotel rooms and was photographed with alcohol in his hands a lot (I don’t know if drinking was a problem for him though. John himself does like the wine!)

I think with Johnny met Winona Johnny was overwhelmed by a sort of reformation about love. He felt that Winona was his everything and didn’t want to risk a breakup (*insert sad face*) so I think that is why he behaved. Also, at the time they were dating, Johnny was getting new roles and was beginning a new chapter in his career of acting.

I don’t believe Johnny is to blame for the depression and anxiety of Winona, at least during the relationship I mean. During the relationship they were like peas and carrots! They burped and watched old movies together! One time Johnny even slipped on Winona’s clothes. Then that can bring in the aftermath of the relationship, did the memories of Johnny send her into fragile states of mind? Maybe. But I don’t think Johnny would intentionally mean to harm Winona in any way! :)

do you know the relationship story? I can't seem to find it anywhere? Like, when the got together and milestones and quotes from other people on their relationship and why the broke up etc? ― Anonymous

do you think johnny got the part of edwardscissorhands because of winona or for his talents ― Anonymous

I believe it could have been a little bit of both.

Winona had worked with Tim Burton for Beetlejuice and of course had excellent things to say about Johnny (for they were dating). If Winona had done Beetlejuice and was into the weird-factor then most likely her boyfriend was too.

But Johnny, at the time, was searching for other roles besides the same-old undercover cop who busts kids in high school, so I think Winona really wanted to help him get out of the heart-throb phase as well.

I think Winona could’ve definitely helped Johnny get the role of Edward and become good friends with Tim, but I believe after Tim saw Johnny’s abilities he stuck with him since he did have talent, not just because of Winona.  

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i know its going to be a strange question but why johnny,s relashioship are long and stable and winona,s arent i know she benn i a relashioship since 2011 but why i mean when johnny date vanessa winona was with matt and when johnny and vanessa broke up she was dating scott, blake, and many other dudes ― Anonymous

I honestly have no idea. I guess she’s just trying to find the right guy! :)

"ᴵ ᶫᵒᵛᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵍᶦʳᶫ⋅ ᴵ ᶫᵒᵛᵉ ʰᵉʳ⋅"

hi i just want to tell you somenthing even tougth i love johnny with winona i found so unfair and crepply to you to say that she was the love of his life i mean how did you know that, you know that him and vanessa were together for 14 years and have 2 kids together, i mean yes i know he didnt make a tatto with her name like he did with winona but that doesnt prove and same thing with kate, in mean in myopinion like you she is my least favorite but i found so unfair to said that he didt love her ― Anonymous

There was something very special that Johnny and Winona had as a couple. Johnny had been with a couple girls before he was with Winona, and never had much to say about them. When he met Winona it was like one (of the many veils, like the birth of his daughter) had been lifted. When Johnny met Winona he was ending his role of Tom Hanson in “21 Jump Street” which had made him into a major star (which is something he didn’t really want). But, at the same time, when Winona met Johnny, Winona was beginning to climb up the ladder TO fame. It was perfect timing! They fell madly in love. Johnny loved and protected Winona, which is something that ever young star needs. They each had an itch for eerie and different roles, like those of Tim Burton. They both had a love for books and old films. Quotes from each of them say that burping was even a romantic thing to do. It was young love, and it was the first time that Johnny AND Winona had really met someone special. Because of this, I think each of them is in a special place in each of their hears …. forever. I think if someone ever meets someone special like that, their love will for them won’t ever fade all the way.

i found so unfair that johnny gets critizais for dating amber , but then susan sarandon who will be 70 in 2 years its dating a dude 3 decades Younger and nobody has a problem with that and they say ÿou go girl ― Anonymous

It might have to do with Johnny’s fame, I’m not sure. The press targets people who seem to have a lot of fame with those kinds of situations.

what do yo think about winona,s boyfriends from johnny, dave pirner, matt, page hamilton, henry alex, blake sennet and scott (winona,s current boyfriend?) ― Anonymous

I have no idea who all these men are besides Johnny! Haha.

which other actress (besides winona) would be more perfect with johnny, i mean an actress you like and seens to have common with him Example marion cotillard, isla fisher, etc ― Anonymous

I think Angelina Jolie and him would be charming. They seemed to have a good time on the set of The Tourist back in 2011. They made each other laugh and smile and everything. :)

I don't feel that Amber is the one for Johnny. I truly think that Winona has only ever been the one for Johnny. Obviously he loves Amber but if he does get married I just don't think it'll be a fully committed marriage. I think it's weird how every time he has been engaged he hasn't actually gotten married to them and I feel like it's because he doesn't want to because that's what happened with Winona and I feel like maybe he doesn't want to marry because that will always be Winona's place. ― Anonymous

Yup. I think that too.